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Dux College offers English Advanced tutoring as part of our Term Courses for year 11 and 12 students. We accept enrolments all-year round.

Term Courses

(For more information on Year 12 English Adv, click on the link above)

HSC English Advanced systematically breaks down an often misunderstood subject. Our teachers will show you how to properly analyse your prescribed texts, synthesise the analysis into an argument, and express your argument articulately in essay and other forms.

  • In-class discussion will include analysis of prescribed texts and model responses, discussion on how to satisfy marking criteria, and mastery of essay writing skill.
  • Homework consists of HSC-style questions, giving students the right kind of practice for exam success.
  • Most importantly, unlike other tutoring centres, our classes are specific to your prescribed text, so you will not waste time learning irrelevant general information.

(For more information on Year 11 English Adv, click on the link above)

Preliminary English Advanced aims to give students the best possible preparation for HSC English. Modules studied in the preliminary English Advanced course mirror the requirements of the HSC modules, giving students early exposure to the demands and standard of HSC English.

The texts studied in year 11 are HSC-relevant. This ensures students become familiar with important HSC prescribed texts earlier than their peers at school, giving them a competitive advantage in internal assessments during year 12. Students will build a strong foundation for the important skills necessary for success in this subject, such as analytical and writing skills.

Preliminary English Advanced classes start in Term 1 2011.

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Our English Teachers

Our English teachers have extensive backgrounds ranging from HSC markers, previous state-rank achievers and university post-graduates. Their expertise and unbridled enthusiasm for the course will give you the necessary guidance to achieve your potential

Essay Marking Service

For English students wishing to perfect their essays before exams and assessment tasks, we offer Essay Marking Services for as low as $22 per essay marked. Your essays will be marked by our class teachers. Full commentary on areas of improvement will be provided. Learn more about our Essay Marking services.

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