Mathematics (2 unit) accelerated - for year 11 Extension 1 students

Accelereated Mathematics (2 unit) at Dux CollegeThis course is designed specifically for Year 11 Maths Extension 1 students that are accelerating in Mathematics (2 unit), and therefore are doing their 2 unit HSC exams at the end of year 11. In order to enrol, you must be enrolled in Maths Ext 1 or Maths 2 unit at school, and be eligible to do your HSC exam for this subject at the end of the current year. This course is also suitable for students planning on doing Maths Extension 2 in year 12.

Teaching approach

The experience of facing their very first HSC exam a whole year earlier than their peers can be daunting.

  • This course is designed for students who wish to do the entire HSC Maths 2 unit course during year 11. We start from the beginning of the Preliminary syllabus and finish the HSC syllabus by end of term 3 year 11.

  • This course is suitable for students who are accelerating 2 unit maths at school (i.e. they are doing the HSC exam for 2 unit at the end of their year 11. This course is also suitable for students planning on doing Maths Extension 2 in year 12, and their school offers a similar program for future Extension 2 students at school. Ask your maths head teacher at school for a course outline and we can tell you whether this program is suitable for you.

Our accelerated course takes these factors into account, and provides the needed support at a pace that will match your accelerated course's assessment schedule.

  • Learn faster: We also account for the fact that accelerated 2 unit students are of a high capability, so this class moves faster than our normal year 12 2 unit class schedule.

  • Deeper learning: Our teachers are given additional course scope to provide students with more advanced techniques / tricks / shortcuts that stem from Extension 1 or 2, because accelerated students often go onto doing Extension 2 in year 12.

  • Focus on exam technique: as accelerated students will be facing an actual HSC exam 1 year earlier than most of their peers, students are often less experienced at exam skills, such as time management, how to structure answers to get full marks, how to structure incomplete answers for maximum partial marks, etc. Our schedule allows for a few lessons to be dedicated to these topics.

We understand the unique needs of accelerated students, and we're confident our team of teachers can help you succeed with the right support.


Like all the other courses, we provide HSC exam style homework booklets for students to practice at home. Exposure to exam-style questions and exam conditions is the best preparation for the real thing. Questions will range in difficulty, with the bulk of questions being slightly harder than average HSC standard.

All of our homework questions will be marked and provided with teacher's comments and worked solutions where appropriate. Students are expected to use the discussion forums for homework assistance when they face any difficulty.

Assumed knowledge

As these classes will be taken by higher-capability students, the teaching will be at a slightly faster pace, leaving the entire year 12 for focusing on Extension 1 and 2 topics.

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