Economics Tutoring - year 12

Year 12 HSC Economics
HSC Economics Tutoring

The Dux College Year 12 Economics course aims to thoroughly equip students with everything they need to cope with the rigors of the HSC course to maximise their final results.

Lessons will follow the structure of the HSC syllabus, with a special focus on applying theory to current events and real-world analysis. Examination techniques, including short answer and essay writing skills will also be addressed from week one of the course.

Teaching Method
  • Students are familiarised with syllabus requirements from day one. Our teachers will cover every syllabus point, matching theoretical analysis with practical examples.
  • Students will be shown how to use economic theory to analyse current economic events.
  • Our course has a special focus on short answer skills and how to apply theory to everyday economic analysis.
  • There is also a huge focus on how to write top-range essays for the economics HSC, including how to marry theoretical content with practical analysis of economic events and examples from the global and local context.
Course Content

Tutoring lessons will focus thoroughly on the HSC Economics syllabus with the aim of equipping students with everything needed to succeed in their Year 12 assessment tasks and exams. Course content follows the structure of the HSC syllabus and includes:

  • The Global Economy including globalisation, trade and financial flows, global economic inequalities.
  • Australia's Place in the Global Economy including trade flows, exchange rates and balance of payments.
  • Economic Issues including economic growth, unemployment, inflation, external stability, income distribution and sustainability. This topic will also include up-to-date analysis of current events as they apply to the Australian economy.
  • Economic Policy and Management including Fiscal and Monetary policy, the operation of money markets, structural change and microeconomic reform.
  • Special focus on short answer and preparing economic analysis, including practice exam-style questions and model answers.
  • Special focus on preparing and writing economic essays, including a wide-range of exam-style essay questions and modeling of top range responses.
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