Maths Extension 1 tutoring - year 12

Mathematics Extension 1
Extension 1 streams

We offer two streams for Extension 1, depending on whether you do Maths Extension 1 (and 2 unit) or Maths Extension 2.

Maths Extension 1 stream: This stream is tailored for Extension 1 students as it will cover the entire Extension 1 course, as well as the entire 2 unit course. Extension 1 students need not enrol in any other course except this one.

Maths Extension 2 stream: This stream is tailored for Extension 2 students. This stream covers only the Extension 1 topics, and does so with a focus on harder questions and techniques that are familiar to Extension 2 students. This stream is designed to be taken in conjunction to the Maths Extension 2 classes we offer, which covers only the Extension 2 topics. Therefore we  recommend Extension 2 students to enrol in our Maths Extension 2 classes instead, in order to receive complete coverage of all maths topics they will encounter in their HSC.

Very high scaling

In recent years, Extension 1 has scaled extremely high, higher than all the sciences, even English Extension 2! Barring some languages subjects (German Extension, French Extension, Latin Extension - to name a few) Mathematics Extension 1 is the second highest scaled subject commonly available to schools (highest being Extension 2).

Teaching style

The Extension 1 class will cover the 2 unit material at an accelerated pace, leaving plenty of time to focus on the more challenging Extension 1 topics. We take a similar teaching approach to our Extension 2 classes, namely through building pattern recognition from extensive practice and experience. Through doing a large variety of questions, students begin to recognise patterns which allows them to see through even the trickiest questions found in Question 6. 

During class, theory will be covered thoroughly by going through worked examples of challenging questions. The theory booklet will contain all the necessary theory notes, worked examples and helpful tips. We will also discuss exam technique and correct form when writing solutions.


Like all the other courses, we provide HSC exam style homework booklets for students to practice at home. Exposure to exam-style questions and exam conditions is the best preparation for the real thing. Questions will range in difficulty, with the bulk of questions being slightly harder than average. There will also be challenging questions (Question 6 standard) which are compulsory for all students to attempt. These will be discussed in class and on the discussion forums.

All of our homework questions will be marked and provided with teacher's comments and worked solutions where appropriate. Students are expected to use the discussion forums for homework assistance when they face any difficulty.

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