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Mathematics Extension 2
Maths Extension 2

Our Maths Extension 2 tutoring classes covers the entire Extension 1 course so you won't need to enrol in a our Maths Extension 1 class separately.

Highest scaled subject

HSC Mathematics Extension 2 is often said to be the most challenging HSC course, but it scales incredibly high. For almost a decade, maths extension 2's scaled mean has hovered around the low to mid 40s (source: Table A3, UAC Scaling Report), making it the highest scaled subject commonly offered by schools. The majority of students who attain 99+ ATAR have done this course. Therefore, we strongly urge all students with at least moderate mathematical capability to consider doing this course. Dux College prides itself in the high standards of our Extension 2 classes.

Course information

HSC Mathematics Extension 2 will be taught by topic throughout year 12. Students who take this course should have a strong foundation in the Preliminary 2 unit and Extension 1 content. In this course, we focus on maximising our students' exposure to the largest variety of exam-style questions possible. Practice of all variations of the core topics will prepare students to get almost full marks for Questions 1 to 6. We aim higher than this. Our students are also given a variety of the more difficult, creative questions which are considered Question 7-8 standard. Theory and harder questions will be discussed in class through worked examples, paying particular attention to technique, manipulation and pattern recognisation.

A common concern with this subject is the difficulty of Questions 7 and 8. Often these questions are left substantially unattempted. We've even seen school teachers advise their students to "not worry about it too much". We believe this complacent approach towards the subject is ill-advised. We disagree with the popular notion that some students are born with exceptional lateral thinking skills needed to get near full marks in this subject. It is simply a matter of experience. Students will see patterns emerge after they have done a large quantity and variety of questions. It is this skill gained from doing many Question 8 standard questions that allows students to comfortably tackle the more challenging Questions 7 and 8.

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Like all the other courses, we provide HSC exam style homework booklets for students to practice each week. Exposure to exam-style questions and exam conditions is the best preparation for the real thing. Questions will range in difficulty, with the bulk of questions being slightly harder than average (question 4-6 standard). There will also be challenging questions which are compulsory for all students to attempt. These will be discussed fully in class.

All our homework questions will be marked and provided with teacher's comments and worked solutions where appropriate. Students are expected to use the discussion forums for homework assistance when they face any difficulty.

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