General Mathematics Tutoring - year 11

Dux College will begin to offer year 11 and 12 General Mathematics in Term 2 2015.

Year 11 General Mathematics

Our year 11 General Mathematics course gives students the solid foundation they need to continue doing well into the year 12 General Mathematics course. In addition to covering all topics and satisfying all outcomes of the Preliminary General Mathematics syllabus, our course equips students with the knowledge and confidence in dealing with all possible exam situations. Ultimately, our goal is to improve the student's future assessment marks and ranks in the subject.

Teaching Method
  • Students are given a proper foundation in relevant mathematical concepts
  • Students are shown and given ample practice on how to apply concepts to real world problems that are often phrased in exam questions
  • Students are exposed to a large variety of exam questions and shown various techniques in dealing with them, for example by reducing a complex problem into a series of simpler, previously solved problems
  • Free Workshop Tutorials are available for all students to ensure they keep up with the class pace
  • Free online homework help available throughout the week
Course Content

Our course covers the topics in the order as set out in the syllabus. From year to year we may deviate from the following order due to feedback received or student requests in order to more closely match the schedule they follow at school. However we expect to cover topics at an accelerated pace compared to what's done in most schools, so that before any exam or assessment they would have covered the relevant topics with us.

  1. Financial Mathematics I
  2. Data and Statistics I
  3. Measurement I
  4. Probability I
  5. Algebra and Modelling I
  6. Mathematics and Communication
  7. Mathematics of Driving

In addition to progressing through the course topics, we allocate several weeks before each major assessment period (e.g. half yearlies, trials, HSC exams) for the purpose of revision and exam preparation.

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