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Year 10 Maths is a class we offer to year 10 students with an interest in mathematics and intend to do maths in year 11. This course will go through most of the Preliminary Maths (2 unit) material, giving students a significant headstart by the time they enter year 11.

Teaching style

This course will focus on covering content at an accelerated pace. Some topics in the Preliminary 2 unit syllabus will be introduced and covered as part of this course. In the past, students from this class have all gone to do well in Maths Extension 2 and subsequently achieve impressive ATARs.

HSC Planning and Scaling

Year 10 is a critical time. At the end of year 10, students must select the courses they will do for their HSC. The choices made will affect what HSC subjects are done, and can have the single biggest impact on HSC scaling throughout the student's school life.

We give comprehensive advice to our year 10 students on scaling and how it works exactly. Students are advised to choose courses based on what they are good at. But this important decision must be made with consideration to relative scaling power of each subject, so our students can make the best informed decision for themselves.

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