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Year 10 science tutoring at Dux College

Our Year 10 Headstart Science program is an excellent way to get a headstart into the Year 11 preliminary science courses. Our Year 10 science course will finish the Stage 5 syllabus (for the School Certificate) and in the latter part of the year, we will be looking at more advanced topics that will lead onto Preliminary science courses such as Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

Students who plan on choosing sciences for their Year 11 and 12 will find our Year 10 Accelerated Science program to be especially useful.


To do this course, students do not need to be an accelerated student at their schools (this means they need not actually be learning Preliminary content in year 10 for one or more subjects). Accelerated students should actually enrol in the course they are accelerating in. There is no entrance exam for this course, however we believe students with a keen interest in science and plan to do science courses for their Year 11 & 12 will gain the most from this course.

Teaching style

This course will focus on covering content with a special focus on areas of the year 10 syllabus that are of significant relevance to year 11 and 12 science subjects. The course will delve into aspects of HSC sciences including Biology, Chemistry and Physics in greater detail than required by the school certificate.

On completion, students will find the transition into year 11 to be smooth, as they would already have a familiarity of some of the concepts covered in year 11.

HSC Planning and Scaling

Year 10 is a critical time. At the end of year 10, students must select the courses they will do for their HSC. The choices made will affect what HSC subjects are done, and can have the single biggest impact on HSC scaling throughout the student's school life. Once a student picks his or her subjects at the end of year 10, those subjects will be done for their entire HSC. It is therefore very important to look closely at the topic of HSC scaling of different subjects in order to make the right decisions.

We give comprehensive advice to our year 10 students on scaling and how it works exactly. Students are advised to choose courses based on what they are good at. But this important decision must be made with consideration to relative scaling power of each subject, so our students can make the best informed decision for themselves.

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